Stockholm Airport!

Stockholm Airport!
Look at us all so tired!

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Farewell dinner in Mysen

 Our Farewell Party!

An epic poem:      BYAWULF  (wait, wait, some will get the pun) …OR
As the Moose Panteth for a Fisshhh at Kingstone Market, So My Soul Hath Words Put in Mouth (along      with foot) on a New Day of… Fertility  1
Yoost as Burchard’s “Ecce” vould echo old Palestrina, zo Wolff writes a poem mit style of Ty Green-uh.
Da meter may be variable from time-uh to time-uh, but each couplet must end mit approximation of rhyme-uh.
At San Miguel concert, in a mouth dere be fly dere;  and encore found Rosie great getting’ up HIGHer.
From L.A. ve came and in Stockholm ve’re landic, and right by de park is de nice Hotel Scandic.
Ve stumbled thru Old Town, at City Hall singing, mit Kath still in purple; no luggage been bringing?!
De brass band accomp’nied de change in de man guard; de old ship vass raised, but my soul had been anchored.
My mind vass so yet-lagged cuz had not been sleepind; de body not vorking, yust passing some ooten-vind. 2
At Uppsala U., ve yoost roamed in de garden; De town vass zo closed-up, vun rabbit vass de varden.
Ve learned of Linnaeus and saw an IKEA; then on to Stiffsgarden, a quite grave idea.
Da kids vere all dancing on shores of Lake Silyan; dey made so much noise that I vowed I vould kill vun.
At Midsummer’s Fest, all da dancers vere lit up; but de pole, it took SOME guys so long to get IT up. 3
Ve sang out in Svedish, da fiddlers more playing; den off to de long bridge mit energies fraying.
On New Day, cute Sigfried vass full of…fertility; he made up his history mit gnomish agility.
He told of May Poles and of chimneys so tall, but Jen said his own ..footsies ..vere awfully small.
According to Kit, speaking up from her stall, “Once you’ve seen yust vun .. chimney, den you’ve seen dem all.”
1.         Footnotes re in-jokes:  We sang “Sicut Cervus,” which means “as the deer panteth …(etc) and “Jamaican Market” & “My Soul’s Been Anchored in the Lord” & “You are the New Day”; and the “Ecce” words are about God putting words in Jeremiah’s mouth.  Later reference is to “Great Gittin’ up Morning” (sung higher than usual in San Miguel).
2.        The Swedish song we sang starts with the words, “Vem kan segla for uten vind.”
3.        It really took the townspeople an hour to raise their giant may-pole.

Ve saw de vood horses and sang in da quarry;  Dalhalla vas vitness, da basses vere sorry. 4
Dat night in de concert de people veren’t clapping; but da girl gave us flowers to prove SOME veren’t napping.
Some people vent out on de bus to go drinking.  How could dey be singing while England vass sinking? 5
De church grounds in Mora vere nice as you get, vere ve sang psalms in Svedish and bottoms got vet.
Den ve …“go –in’ to de chapel unt ve gon—na eat ca-a-a-ake,  cry—in’ in de concert from de..speech dat Gary ma-a-a-ake.” 6
It’s time now for leaving, so “get in the truck.”  (So goes “cowboy foreplay, if you vere in luck.)
Da road to Urabroo, ve takin’ all our goods dere including Jill’s petticoat, I still under my trousers wear.7
Da tour of de city vass awfully dry; not knowing “stonecutter” vass answer, it made us all cry. 8
De dungeon had scaring, de church – mushy sound, but “Bad Dude” had his birthday and Ruth bought de round.
Ve head out past Karlstad, vere food ve be bringin’; de sun’s always shining and Abba keeps singing. 9
In Oslo, my vife tinks de “lift” is qvite tiny; but de room is so vast, in our bed she can’t find me. 10
De Drammen hour of “do-re’s” conspires yust to veary us; Gary says dey’re real useful, but he’s clearly delirious.
Ve drop him at de asylum and ve take off for partyin’; Dey tell him “take two aspirin and call in de mornyin’.” 11
Old Oslo iss sveet, as is Rakkestad too.  Ve thank all our helpers and our dear fellow travelers –
Vat a vonderful yourney; happt trails to you!
4.        We sang “Witness,” though not at Dalhalla, where another piece gave slight problems to basses
5.        Soccer was a major preoccupation of the locals and our British courier, Jennifer, whose team lost that night
6.        We surprised Lamprechts with 40th Anniv. Party; Gary surprised all with moving tribute to Pat at concert
7.        Jill never recovered her petticoat, which some believed had been left behind at an earlier concert venue
8.        Odd city guide kept quizzing us on the meanings of bits of sculpture in a church
9.        Our bus driver played  the “Mama Mia” video for us on the trip to Oslo.
10.     The Oslo elevator and especially the rooms were VERY tiny
11.     Gary actually had some major foot pain & swelling; was evaluated and advised at the hospital in Drammen

TOURIST (sung to the tune of “Witness”) In Honor of Jennifer and Magnus

Who’ll be a TOURIST for my Lord…(etc)…I’ll be a tourist for my Lord.
There was a guy from old Sweden land, his Mama called him Magnus – such a Renaissance man
A preacher’s kid, you know the kind; he never learned a way to restrain his mind
Now our Magnus was so fun, we desired to know how a man acts so young when he’s old.
He treats all of us just like a friend –Ma-an, we’d ride with you again!
Magnus – is the greatest guy…(etc.) He is the greatest we can find.

Ya learn about Jenny, from her birth, she was the wisest courier to live on earth
Way back yonder in London Times, she played great sets between the Wimbledon lines.
Then dear Jennifer went touring amuck, telling folks “Keep your peckers all up.” 1
Till she came to Scandinavian parts, and said, “Please don’t give me Vocal Arts.”
But the company said, we’ll pay real high, and Jen-ny said, “Oka-ay, I’ll try.
I ..can.. han-dle the worst there are, cuz I’m marginally better than Monica.”
Jen-ny__is a lovely lass…(etc.) We’ll “knock her up” next time we pass. 1

She’s___the greatest courier….He’s___the greatest driver…(etc.)
Oh, it’s true________The tour was a blessing, THANKS____To-o____YOU!
1.        British figures of speech with different meanings than in American usage

 Homes on the way to Mysen for our farewell dinner at Bamrsudlaven.

 They were set up for a wedding the next day in the other room!
 Our entourage!

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