Stockholm Airport!

Stockholm Airport!
Look at us all so tired!

Monday, June 25, 2012

On the way to Orebro

 Our room key in Rattvik
 You had to put out this sign if you wanted to have the room cleaned or clean towels-we found out the 2nd day!
 Wild flowers Jill picked me! The white ones are Lilly of the Valley!

 On our way we stopped at a coffee shop in Avesta where they had lovely pastries and sandwiches and shopping.

 Fancy seats!

 For sale-

 The largest Dala!

 This pastry was Chocolate coconut covered marshmallow like-but more creamy and less sugary-very good!

 Lupines from the fields- our next stop- an old village with antiques,shopping and food!

 Fancy toilet paper holders!

 wildflowers everywhere!

 Our room in Orebro.

 the lobby of the Scandic Grand Hotel

 Signs all over Sweden say this -we thought they were funny!

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